A 1/32nd Scale Modeling Series

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This race series is all about the great circle track racers many of us grew up watching.

From famed paved speedways like Bristol & Martinsville to the local dirt bull rings, the classes of  "Sportsman" and "ASA" race cars varied greatly.

We have our own versions of these popular class of racing here at the Show-Me Speedway in 1/32nd scale, and we invite YOU to join in the fun!

These guidelines/rules are just how we approach it.
You can easily modify them to suit your own track.

This is a Slot Car Modeling Series

In other words this isn't just about performance. We can all reduce the scale appeal of any model by modifying it until it hardly resembles the prototype, all for the sake of more speed. If this practice is what you prefer, this race is not for you. This race is about modeling from top to bottom, inside and out.

There is a special type of enthusiast who not only wants to create a slot car to resemble the 1:1 prototype as closely as possible, but to have it perform as well.

This balance of scale authenticity and performance is what we strive for in this series.

From the chassis to the body itself. Scratchbuilding slot cars is some of the most rewarding aspects of our hobby and this is your chance to find out just how much fun it can be. If you are new to scratchbuilding, there are a couple articles that show how some of the models featured here were built using these guidelines. It should help you get started and then let your own imagination take over.


We are combining both SPORTSMAN and ASA/Late Model type bodies.

This allows you to build a classic or a more modern type racer.

SPORTSMAN Approved Body List
- Carrera Classic NASCAR Ford Torino, Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Charger. *** No Wing Cars ***
- Carrera 57 Chevrolet, 60 Plymouth, 70 Chevelle, early release GTO, Mustang
- Revell/Monogram Classic NASCAR - Galaxies, GTX, Charger, Fairlanes.
- Scalextric -70 Camaro, 69 Camaro, 69/70 Mustangs, Challenger, Cougar, 69 Charger, 72 Torino
- Pioneer Charger/Mustang/Camaro - SCX Cuda
- RMS Resins Nova II, 65 Fury, 65 Galaxie, 66 Chevelle, 65 Impala, 63 Falcon, 67 Cougar, 68 Camaro, 68 Firebird, 70 Challenger, 70 Camaro, 70 Cuda
- Gunze Sangyo - 57 Chevy hard top, 59 Chevy hardtop
- Smilin' Ray - 57 Ford, 55 Chevy, 56 Plymouth Savoy, 65 Chevy Impala, 65 Plymouth Fury

- Revell Snap-Tite - 55 Chevy, 69 Camaro, 70 Mustang, GTO.
-Scott's Racing Products - 82 Buick, 55 Chevy, 56 Ford, 70 Chevelle, 69 Nova, 78 Nova
ASA/Late Model Approved Body List
These are home made models from kits or various private vendors.
-Scott's Racing Products - 78 Camaro, Outlaw Camaro, 85 Firebird, 82 Camaro

Body Modeling Notes
Bodies can of course be sanded/adjusted to look the part. This means you will need to open up those wheel wells to allow the larger tires.
This is not a vintage NASCAR race. Your tires should stick out a little...or a lot, depending on the body style.
Your keen common sense will be the guide.

Body Guidelines
Body Height: Keep it stock. Common sense will prevail. Original A/B pillars intact, in other words no low rider/rat rod chopped tops.
Body Width: Keep it stock. You can add flares if you want for scale appearance, but no narrowing of the stock body shell.
MAX Track Width: 2 5/8" See Running Gear Section. This is from outer sidewalls of tires.

Body Clearance To Track: 1/8" is a good minimum. Front spoiler, if used, at 3/32nd. This will make sure the bodies/spoiler do not drag the track.
Must keep all fenders. This isn't a super modified.
Interior: Must have a driver, dash, steering wheel, roll cage detail. NO pre-molded lexan types.
Windows: Front needs glass or screen, your choice. Sides and rear optional. ASA models should have glass.
Bumpers: Stock or you can replace them with custom/brass. Again, let realism guide you. Side Bars: Allowed but cannot be wider than the outer sidewall of tires. (2 5/8")
Decals: Design should mimic the 1:1 racers of the era.
Chassis Guidelines
Brass inline chassis.
From scratch, but forged or stamped brass motor brackets are allowed.
Offset motor configuration allowed.
Piano wire/brass combos allowed.
Stamped guide tongues allowed.
No Slot.it pods or other plastic/hybrid combos.
Running Gear
Wheels - C.B. Design 15x8, 15x10, 15x11(Insert, Stock Car, 5 Spoke Racing, F1/MOD, & Classic Steel)
If 5 spoke or insert wheel used, use an insert :)
Slot.it 15x8 Aluminum Slot.it Plastic 15x8 - Just in case you want to use them up front.
The minimum size wheel/tire combination is 15x8 with PG 22125 tires.
The maximum size wheel/tire combination is 15x11 with PG 22168FF tires.
HERE is an article showing you the common wheel sizes.
Only 4 wheels. No 4WD.

Sizes Listed -22125, 22126 for 15x8 -22166FF, 22168FF for 15x10, 15x11.

MAX Track Width: 2 5/8"
from outer sidewall to outer sidewall.
Stagger is allowed. In other words you can run a 15x8 on the left front and a larger size on the right front, just adhere to the width maximum please.

Gearing -
Standard inline configurations: 8, 9, 10, 11 tooth pinions. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 tooth crown gears.

Guides - A
lmost any guide allowed. Our slot is deep enough (3/8" or better) to handle any commercial blades as well. Try to keep the front of the guide flush with the front of the body. It just looks better and increases the scale appeal.

Braid -
Your guide requires braid, please use it. They run pretty bad without it.

Motors: - Piranha 21K
This is a great motor. The price is right and speed/torque is just right for home 1/32nd scale racing.


Here are a few articles that might help you with ideas.



Helpful Links:

RMS Resins, Smilin' Ray Resins, CB Design Wheels, Scott's Racing Products

Paul Gage Tires, SLIXX Decals, Gofer Racing Decals, Pattos Decals

Slot Car Corner Parts Store

I hope this series inspires you to join the fun. Once you get started scratchbuilding, it becomes an addicting and rewarding part of an already fun hobby. Thanks to all the after-market products we have available today, making models like these are easily within your reach. Just take a chance and give it a try!

Hope to see you in the pits :)


CONTACT ME about this event anytime.